Predicted 1st

Developed theoretical and practical skills to a proficient level in Java, Python, Haskell, Prolog & LaTeX.

Including the modules:

Data Structures & Algorithms (73%) – Stacks, Queues, Abstract Data Types, Trees, Lists, Searching

Social and Professional Issues of the Information Age (78%)

Frontiers of Computer Science (79%)

Programming for the Web (tbc) – HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL, AJAX & PHP used to create web app

Mobile & Ubiquitous Computing (tbc) – Mobile User Interfaces, Designing & Developing For Android with both theoretical and practical experience

The C Family (tbc) – The History and Applications of C, Objective C, C++ and C#

Software Development (tbc) – Java, Testing (incl. unit testing & JUnit), Software Dev. Lifecycle

Software Engineering (tbc) – Java, Software Development Methodologies, Agile Dev. Project

Database Theory and Design (tbc) – Data Modelling, SQL (theory and practical)