Eight weeks ago, I was a student brimming with opinions about technology and entrepreneurialism but with nowhere to voice them. This series of blog entries have provided me with a suitable outlet, which has not only led me to better define my thoughts but to share them as a prospective technology-based entrepreneur and consumer. As someone currently dedicating extensive time to investigate roles within the technology sector, the entries provided an ideal opportunity to critically analyse a booming industry constantly under the spotlight.

During the eight weeks, I have been able to study numerous technology companies who have all had a profound impact on shaping the sector that I plan to work in. Researching these companies has reinforced fundamental business topics taught within lectures through analysing real-life cases. A prominent example of this is my entry: The necessity of self-disruption. This entry did not just provide me with a huge amount of insight into startups, but also gave me confidence that in such a short amount of time, a nimble yet small startup such as Netflix can dramatically dethrone a huge multinational company like Blockbuster.

Additionally, being able to reflect on my work as president of a large university society has given me the opportunity to investigate how I can apply the knowledge gained in this module to my role. For example, having written the entry Coerciveness vs. pacesetting: leading a student society, I have developed a plan to ensure that there is an increased focus on cognitive diversity within the society this year, with the aim to have a more successful sponsorship round next year.

I never considered writing a blog before this module, however developing the entries has been a really enjoyable, insightful experience and I plan to keep posting in the future.

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