Awarded prize for highest dissertation result of any Computer Science student

Awarded two academic prizes for launching and leading free coding classes for over 300 students

Developed proficient skills in Java, Python, Swift, Javascript, C++, PHP, HTML, CSS and SQL

Including the modules:

Dissertation project (1st) – Java Android app designed to rapidly speed up connecting with new people
Data Structures & Algorithms (1st) – Python, Stacks, Queues, Abstract Data Types, Trees, Lists, Searching
Programming for the Web (1st) – HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL, AJAX, PHP used to create web app
Software Engineering (1st) – Java, Software Development Lifecycle, Testing, Agile Development
Mobile & Ubiquitous Computing (1st) – Java, Mobile User Interfaces, Designing & Developing For Android
Social and Professional Issues of the Information Age (1st) – Software Security, Reliability
Frontiers of Computer Science (1st) – Essay-based research into innovative technologies